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Product Description

ENTR® Smart Lock Solution

Key Free. Be Free
ENTR® is the intelligent locking solution you have been waiting for. ENTR® offers a key-free solution transforming your front door into a smart door. Eliminating the need for keys and giving you access from your smartphone or tablet fingerprint reader touchpad or remote control. With the protection of a mechanical cylinder and the convenience of advanced technology ENTR® provides you with security and options without compromising on performance.

Your Security
Only with ENTR® do you get a smart mobile-enabled auto-locking access control solution that integrates Mul-T-Lock High-Security mechanical cylinder strength with keyless digital intelligence platform. From professional locksmith installation to ongoing expert support, Mul-T-Locks network of authorized dealers and locksmiths have your security covered.

Convenience and simplicity
ENTR® gives you convenient keyless digital locking that is easy to install use control and manage. ENTR® does not require any special preparation wiring or drilling it simply replaces your existing cylinder.

ENTR® takes home access control to another level with authorization management a range of accessories to choose from and a powerful smartphone app that gives you extreme control.

Mechanical strength. Digital intelligence.
Mul-T-Locks proven mechanical cylinders work together with secure cutting-edge digital capabilities creating a powerful combination.

Easy to install maintain and use ENTR® can be retrofitted onto existing doors giving customers an upgraded solution in no time and with minimal effort. With the ENTR® App users can activate their locks remotely from their smartphone giving them control and management capabilities.

ENTR® is ideal for both residential and office use and offers a range of credentials to upgrade your ENTR® solution. Suits locks with ANSI type cylinder.


  • Transforms any door into a smart one with a simply and affordable retrofit
  • Ideal for most door types and sizes
  • Easy to install with no drilling or wiring
  • Battery operated not dependent on power or cables
  • Automatic locking simply shut the door and it will automatically lock
  • Variety of credentials available to access the door
  • Secure wireless communication between system elements using AES128 encryption standard
  • Provides users with mobile connectivity – meaning they can perform actions and monitor the ENTR® from their smartphone or any other Bluetooth device
  • Mechanical key override backup solution

LED indications

  • Low battery
  • Fault during lock / unlock operation
  • Mute
  • Open


  • Bluetooth Smart Technology (between the door unit and smartphone or other connected device)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Communication Frequency (between the door unit and credentials)- 2.4 GHz
  • Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion
  • Battery Power 7.4V 2600mAh
  • Charging Input 12VDC @ 1A
  • Operating Temperature -10°C to+50°C
  • Protection Rating IP44
  • Mobile App Support
  • iOS 7 and up mini iPhone 4S
  • Android 4.3 and up min Nexus4
  • Samsung S3 Galaxy Note
  • Dimensions 150mm x 55mm x 54mm
  • Weight 380g

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