Hafele Digital Lock EL8000


Product Description


Safety is a crucial element to preserve and protect your assets. Today, the exponential development of modern technology provides your home and property with a smarter solution and a more secure way – digital door locks.

The Häfele digital door lock EL8000 – TC is a product favored for its sleek design as well as convenient functions such as unlocking with a password, smart card, mischief and hacking prevent system.

With those advantages, owning a digital door lock has been the preferred choice for many individuals and organizations to ensure most secured access. Certainly, this smart product offers a convenient and secured door locking solution, and further than that brings your apartment to the next level of high tech.


Front module: 76mm (W) x 306mm (H) x 28mm (D)
Back module: 71mm (W) x 29836mm (H) x 30.7mm (H)
Volume control function of operating sound 8 steps
Movement indicator in 8 different colors
Random security coding function
Panic release handle type
Free door handle direction
Auto locking function
Auto relocking function
Auto/manual locking mode selectable
Movement indicating sound
Low battery warning function
Secret code back up function
Register up to 8EA of secret code
Register to 20EA of card key
Power saving mode
Intrusion warning function
Mischief and hacking prevention system
Making missed card key being useless function
Double locking function
For door thickness 40 – 50mm
Backset 70mm
Made in Korea

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