SALTO XS4 ONE Electronic Escutcheon – MIFARE®/DESFire (Exterior Version)

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Product Description

Salto XS4

Key Features:

Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform.
Virtual network capable through SALTO Virtual Network technology.
ID technologies available: DESFire, DESFire EV1, Mifare Classic, Mifareplus, Mifare Ultralight C and Bluetooth Smart.
Reader available in 2 diferent colours: Black and white.
6 diferent escutcheon finishes available
Door status detector to monitor intrusions or door left open status(wireless escutcheons only).
Compatible with DIN mortise locks, European mortise locks and narrowstyle mortise lock.
Compatible with European profile cylinders and Swiss profile cylinders.
Mechanical override with audit trail facility available.
High security protection via high resistance, hardened anti-drill platesto protect wiring and reader area. Additional protection provided byhardened axes and floating steel balls in the handle area.
Electronic privacy function through thumb turn or button on the inside.
IP53 (IP55 as an option only for the external escutcheon)
Ei60, E90 Fire resistant