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Product Description

XS4 is the new access control platform from SALTO enabling users to control and manage a greater range of applications than ever before. Smart, secure and innovative, XS4 Comfort Electronic lever sets need no hard wiring and provide a totally wire free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features.

The XS4-67 wide body versions are specially designed to fit on most Australian doors, and work with the majority of mortice locks and common tubular latches. It is specially designed for use on busy, high traffic doors that need additional strength.

Wireless for real-time control using SVN Salto Virtual Network.



  • Clutching mechanism escutcheon (when locked handle moves freely).
  • Disabled access AS1428.1 compliant lever.
  • Dimensions: 290 (H) x 67 (W) x 20 mm (D).
  • Handle rotation: 52° – Limiters available for tubular latches.
  • Compatible with Australian mortice locks and tubular latches.
  • Mechanical key override versions with audit trail facility available.
  • Electronic privacy function versions available.
  • Wireless for real-time control.


**these handles will fit to any of the mortice locks commonly found in schools